Inspection services

International Certification Authority

Inspection services

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY (ICA) Offers Inspection services in various fields of Engineering, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas sectors. Well trained, Experienced and Competent Engineers/Inspectors along with sophisticated and most modern calibrated equipments, we ensure your equipments and workplace meets Global Standards and Inspection requirements. We are ever ready with the third party Inspection, Testing and Certification services according to legal/Municipality/Clients requirements to ensure a Safe Working Experience.

We offer Services for

  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Refineries
  • Manufacturing/Fabrication sectors
  • HVAC Industries
  • Marine Engineering Industry & Ship Building
  • Electromechanical Services
  • Commercial and Residential Buildings
  • Shopping Malls and Hotels
  • Construction Sectors
  • Workshop/Garages


Air Monitoring

ICA is able to provide ambient environmental sampling for many species using a range of different monitoring and analytical techniques. Typically ambient monitoring is required in support of permit applications or where there are trans-boundary disputes between neighbors. Similarly it may be required where industry is in close proximity to local sensitive receptors. Identification and measurement of airborne contaminant concentrations Measurement of personal exposures Recommendations on exposure reduction and control measures Measurement of background indoor micro-pollutants Measurement of airborne bio-aerosols Ultra-fine particulate measurement

Stack Emission Monitoring

Routine monitoring for compliance purpose Monitoring of substitute fuel trials and co-incineration plant Plant commissioning and abatement efficiency monitoring projects

Noise Level Monitoring

Identification and measurement of workplace noise levels

Identification and measurement of workplace high range peak noise levels (>140dBC) Assessment of daily/weekly personal noise exposure levels and hearing protection Provision of advice on noise reduction measures

Light Level Monitoring

Identification and measurement of workplace light levels Identification and measurement of workplace high range peak light levels Assessment of daily/weekly personal light exposure levels and effect Provision of advice on light reduction measures