Information Technology

International Certification Authority

IT Solutions is intended to support your organisation in a collaborative and consultative way, there are four main areas that our IT experts focus on in IT Solutions:

Strategic, with experience in delivering a variety of specialised IT solutions for many organisations, we can help virtually any organisation navigate the changing IT landscape and improve their business performance, reduce costs and risk and maximise return on investment within IT. Our IT consultancy services are supported by careful and measured analysis, planning and expert advice, delivered whenever you need.

IT Auditing, A key part of our IT Solutions support is our IT auditing services, where we utilise our extensive technical and business knowledge in the intricate day to day running’s of your business where we conduct a thorough audit of your IT system, physical infrastructure and 3rd party supplier agreements. As a result of the in depth auditing approach, a personalised roadmap is created with recommendations for IT improvements, IT Governance best practice and security and compliance actions.

IT Governance, focus on four specific areas that dictates IT Governance, a way that will make sure that your organisation is fit for the IT challenges of the 21st century. IT Solutions can provide a cyber-essentials package, a GDPR pocket guide and implementation manual, supported by toolkits and Nouveau Solutions consultancy. IT Solutions can also provide PCI DSS guide and information, you can find more about this here and penetration testing, which will, in total, keep you abreast of the issues that you need to be aware of if you handle credit card details and finally, penetration testing.