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Qualification Service Scheme for Dog Trainer

This scheme is the first pilot point to Hong Kong provided recognition to dog trainers. This QSSD will provide certification, according to their experience, to different tier of professionals. QSSD is jointly owned by International Certification Body (ICA) established in the United States; MINSEN Certification (Asia) Limited – a Hong Kong based certification body with Government registration no. HKCAS-012; and G4ONE a Hong Kong charitable institution of registered number 91/15830. The purpose of QSSD is to promote and establish professionalism, law-abiding and good reputation of canine coach, pooch trainer, dog handler and pet sitter. Certified Canine Coach (Cert CC) Certified Pooches Trainer (Cert PT) Certified Dog Handler (Cert DH) Certified Pet Sitter (Cert PS)


The certification program is designed to help those who are competent in dog training skills to obtain a professionally status of the international recognition. It also provides platform to enhance and upgrade the standard of respective canine coach, pooch trainer, dog handler and pet sitter. The competence assessment of the applicant will be conducted by assessors appointed by ICA and MINSEN according to the set of Qualification Service Scheme for Dog-trainer (QSSD) standards. The aim of the scheme is to: Promote QSSD to encourage personnel registration Establish an internationally recognized professional qualification registration system as Cert CC, Cert PT, Cert DH and Cert PS and keep an international based registrar to facilitate web search Conduct continuous assessment to maintain professional qualification for registered personnel Maintain an industry monitoring system with continual assessment to certified canine coach, pooch trainer, dog handler and pet sitter.

Target of Applicant

Any personnel who is able to handle dogs or cope with dogs with care and tuition.


Competence certification will be awarded to the individual applicant according to the tier they applied for after a vigorous interview by well qualified assessors based on a benchmark score with respect to training, handling and caring of dogs. To ensure that the quality of the certified personnel continues to meet the requirement in QSSD standard, a two-years re-certification cycle is required to continue and maintain the professional certified status. QSSD scheme is supported by International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). QSSD certificate holder can apply and/or trainsit to award IACP professional certificate. Cert CC: Able to have one-year experience to train dogs with special skills. Cert PT: Able to train dogs with general skills. Cert DH: Have experience to cope with dogs. Cert PS: Emphasis and Caring of dog daily activities. (All those above qualification was subjected to the final assessment and interview by the assessor panel.


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Assessment Criteria